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Troutman Sanders attorneys Bryan Haynes and Robert Claiborne, Jr. were featured in the April 2017 issue of SMOKESHOP magazine. The article, titled “UPS Untaxed Cigarette Trafficking Liability: Increased Scrutiny on Tobacco Companies”, discusses a recent court decision finding United Parcel Service liable to New York City and New York State for claims related to alleged cigarette trafficking.

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Troutman Sanders tobacco team partner Bryan Haynes was interviewed for a June 21 Vapor Voice Magazine article titled “Dark Vapor.” The article deals with the huge propensity for black-market growth in the vapor industry as the FDA’s deeming regulations force many companies to cease their innovative efforts – or even shut their doors. Continue Reading Tobacco Practice Partner Quoted in Vapor Voice Magazine

Troutman Sanders tobacco team partner Bryan Haynes was quoted in a May 13 Convenience Store News article that recapped “tidbits” gleaned from this year’s TMA’s Annual Conference and Meeting, which was held in Williamsburg, Virginia. Continue Reading Tobacco Practice Partner Quoted at Tobacco Merchants Association’s Annual Conference and Meeting

Troutman Sanders tobacco team partner Bryan Haynes was interviewed for a May 22nd Tampa Bay Times article titled “U.S. fans of Cuban cigars still have long wait before they can be sold here.” The report describes trials and tribulations facing Cuban manufacturers of premium cigars in light of the new deeming regulations published by the FDA on May 10, 2016. Continue Reading Tobacco Practice Partner Quoted in Cuban Cigars Article

The Troutman Sanders Tobacco Team was recently quoted in a Tampa Tribune article discussing the potential impact of the FDA’s deeming regulations on the premium cigar industry in general, and one Tampa-area business (J.C. Newman Cigar Company) in particular.  Continue Reading Troutman Sanders Tobacco Team Quoted in Article on FDA Deeming Regulations

The Tobacco Team recently published an article in Smokeshop Magazine entitled “Design Patents Build Strong, Valuable Brands.”  The article discusses the strategic use of intellectual property rights as a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and particularly the previously-overlooked design patent.  A design patent protects the look and feel of an invention, and will therefore have increasing importance in the burgeoning e-cigarette and vaporizer industries.  Design patents can allow the owner to prevent others from making, using or selling a product with the same or substantially similar design.

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