Troutman Sanders tobacco team partner Bryan Haynes was quoted in a May 25th Reuters article titled “Quality issues push e-cigarette production to U.S. from China.”

Some of the leading producers of e-cigarettes in the U.S. are making the switch from Chinese production facilities to new facilities in the United States.  These new factories would rely on machinery and automation to produce the product, while the Chinese plants mainly manufacture by hand.  This switch to automation will allow the companies greater control and supervision over the ingredients and the quality of their products.  This control is an important tenant, with the FDA poised to assert jurisdiction over the products.

“As a general rule, the FDA regulation will require more control over the manufacturing process,” said Haynes. He also speculated that additional companies will move production to the United States in the future in order to decrease the burden of compliance with the FDA’s regulations on the product.

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