Nicotine: The deeming regulations promulgated by the Food and Drug Administration contain new warning requirements for certain tobacco products, including cigars, pipe tobacco, e-cigarettes, vapor products, hookah tobacco, dissolvables, and nicotine gel.  Effective August 8, 2018, a nicotine health warning is required on packaging and advertisements.  The language is:

“WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.”

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On September 24-25, the Troutman Sanders tobacco team attended the ECIG USA industry conference in Las Vegas.  Bryan Haynes spoke on a panel entitled, “The Deeming Regulations — Expectations vs. Reality.”  Panelists also included Cynthia Cabrera of SFATA, Bill Bartkowski of VapAria, and Jim Swauger of Reynolds. Continue Reading ECIG USA – Industry Conference Takeaways

FDA issued the long-awaited deeming regulation this morning.  With respect to cigars, FDA proposed two options for the scope of the rule.  FDA is requesting comments on the two options, and comments must be submitted within 75 days of the issuance of the proposed rule. Continue Reading The FDA’s New Deeming Regulations — Preliminary Observations — Potential Exemption for Premium Cigars