With recent headlines focusing on tobacco and electronic nicotine delivery systems, it is no surprise that federal and state legislators are turning their attention toward the industry.  Did you know that Troutman Sanders’ lobbyists can help?

Troutman Sanders Strategies is a dedicated team of specialists who concentrate exclusively on government matters, including the US Congress, federal agencies and state legislatures.  Troutman Sanders Strategies helps clients of the firm navigate these complex waters.  The group has multiple offices, highly experienced talent, and an ever-growing reputation for honesty, integrity and dedication to clients’ needs and success.  Our lobbyists work closely with Republican and Democratic congressional offices, House and Senate committees, and various government agencies throughout the federal government and in various states. Our lobbyists provide a wide range of tailored services including:

  • Advocacy and Federal Representation – Develops a comprehensive and unique strategy to achieve clients’ federal policy objectives; activities include legislative strategy development, policy analysis and development, message development, navigating committees and relationship building.
  • Coalition Building – Builds key partnerships for clients to build broader support for government relations objectives.
  • Reputation Management – Advises clients on building their “federal brand” as well as relationship building with the federal government; assists clients through the process of policymaking while protecting political positioning and their industry reputation.
  • Political Intelligence – Builds strategy for clients based on the ever-changing political field in DC and nationally; supports client business development decisions by tracking and advising on politics and campaigns; provides inside information, policy development, and analysis of political trends that may impact a company or organization.
  • Fundraising and PAC (Political Action Committee) – Advises clients on PAC contributions and political landscape; develops strategy for managing client PACs.
  • Communications, Event Planning & Media Strategy – Advises clients on media and communications opportunities in Washington, as well as event coordination.

With vast tobacco experience in their own right, Troutman Sanders’ lobbyists often collaborate with Troutman Sanders’ tobacco attorneys to formulate and implement legislative and regulatory strategies for our tobacco clients.  Just last week, Troutman Sanders Strategies took a client to Capitol Hill to meet with targeted committee and congressional offices about the impact of legislation addressing e-cigarettes and flavored tobacco products.  Please let us know how we can help protect your interests.