The television arm of the Washington Post, Post TV, recently ran a news report on electronic cigarettes titled “E-cigs: The battle happening on nicotine’s next front”. The report discusses the recent popularity of e-cigarettes, and speaks of concerns regarding both the impending regulation of the product by the FDA as well as the restrictions that are already beginning to be imposed by major cities on the product. 

Troutman Sanders tobacco practice partner Bryan Haynes is quoted in the interview. “Public use of e-cigarettes actually promotes what appears to be a beneficial alternative,” said Bryan, an advocate for the e-cigarette industry. “If you were to argue that something that may look like a cigarette promotes cigarettes in public, you could make that argument about a variety of products. Someone could say that drinking water could look like drinking vodka, but you aren’t going to ban drinking water in public.”

The full interview can be found here.

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